I had an amazing conversation this weekend with someone about “Why I choose to learn Japanese for apps”.  To some there would be a question of what makes learning this relevant.  To me is to the core of learning fundamental discipline. I love website and the ideas of how computers started.  But I’m passionate about many things. 

 Why I Choose Japanese

I’m passionate about the culture.  I was in Silicon Valley and noticed how Asians and South Asians dominate engineering and technology.  

I studied each ethnic background in route to learning about many things. I can not profess to know all about every one of he culture but, I know more now than I did before my exposure to them 

 A mentor of mine speaks fluent Chinese as Japanese. As he spoke to me about the culture and his experiences in China and Japan. As I type this he is teaching on China.  He perspective confirmed my perspective on things. 

What he stated to me made me want to learn more.  I continue to learn something new about them every single day. I treat it less like a job and more like a passion.   

How Does Learning Japanese apply to mobile apps?  

Discipline is key. I study Japanese because it’s fun. I enjoy it. I’m not paid to do it.  I haven’t got a class or a bonus on the line.  

I study Mobile apps in the same vein. It’s. Similar mentality that drew me to it. Some people have studied their craft for a few years and feel they are an expert. I’ve been at this professionally for 17 years and humbly I’m still learning.  But I love learning and helping others while doing so.