Cruising in a Tesla in San Jose, I was with my co-founder founding the company.  As we drove, we passed eBay’s / PayPal’s main campus.  The doors of eBay were open, which was rare.  I said “something is going on”.

So we drove back by and asked “What’s Happening” to  Tapsense representative.  They were a sponsor of this iOS DevCamp event.  The Tapsense contact stated “We’re hosting and iOS app Hackathon.

Hackers of the World Unite

I spoke to a 50+ year old friend of mine. This friend was someone whom is not super techie. They felt they had a pulse on what’s right and what’s wrong with technology.  I mentioned a “Hackathon” to him and he stated:

“I can’t mess around with that it sounds dangerous

When he said that to me, I knew he was wrong.  However, I only had a cursory view of a Hackathons at that time. I hadn’t attended one.  I hadn’t held one.   Since that time I’ve attended  & held Hackthons of my own.  I’ve even had to change to win the Octablu Sponsors award at the Hackathon at eBay in Silicon Valley.  I’m attending one in LA this weekend that is android based.

So what is a Hackathon

A hackathon is a place where hackers connect to solve a problem.  Each team attempts to accomplish a goal in a “Zero To One” method (ala Peter Thiel PayPal’s billionaire co-founder)

You want to create someone original and new in a way that has never been done in the past. Hackathon teams zone into the code for a few hour or days. They come out with something, anything that is a tangible, real, minimum viable product (MVP). The idea of an MVP is a lean startup approach to business. Here at, we focus on the lean approach. We make sure it allows for an agile continuous development cycle.

English: Agile continuous development

Japanese: Ajairu keizoku-tekina kaihatsu アジャイル継続的な開発


What makes me a hacker

As a result of passing by eBay’s door open, I attended a Hackathon at eBay / Paypal in the summer of 2014.  I have the red badge of courage to show I was there. It has a red flame and a hammer with a date of 2014 to state the year.  I love Hackathons and have since hosted one.  I now work to do larger Hackathons for a state government agency to advance technology and diversity.20141031-072236.jpg

This is the first time I’ve seen home improvement with hacking.  But I see how they can be the same. Hackers are the do-it-your-selfers of technology. Hackathons are the place where weekend warriors come out to play.  The difference is they don’t do it with tools from Home Depot or on the football field. They have an end zone of an MVP and a touchdown is agile development success. Winning the game is getting surviving one more day on the capital you have to fight for another set of victories.

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