Why being lean means executing info quickly.
img_1416.jpgStruggled with the idea for the longest time. I dreamed of it. It consumed me for about 5 days.

Burning Desire

I was in the gym. I’d just finished working out and I felt pretty good about myself.  I had just lifted 235 in a decent set of 5 sets of 10.  I moved on to do cardio.

I then saw a gentleman that looked like a mountain sit down on the bench next to the one I just left. He preceded to lift with 3 plates on each side.

I was in awe. At the same time, I saw how he did it and I felt I could do that. At that moment, I believed I could do it. I saw it in my mind.

Steps to Make it Happen

I really had no clue. I saw it, I believed it, but I didn’t have a real plan. My goal is to be laying inside and out. My ambition was to live the brand and be the brand.

But in this case I didn’t even know what the weight as up to; I just knew my mind I could  do it. I have one soul hypothesis; if he could do it I could do it.

So I laid out a basic plan. The next time I came to the gym I would use that weight as a set wait. Now it’s somewhat of a profound statement. This weight which I’ve never done before was going to be a wait I used to do multiple reps.


It was a full 48 hours before actually lifted the weight. In the meantime, I actually saw the weight in my dreams.  I felt it. I smelled the bar. It woke me up at 3 AM. I thought about the 3 plates on each side.

In my mind dreams of doing this was far different than reality. Even while I felt it, I had some doubts. I had some fears. I believe in the lean methodology.  I believe taking action beats talking about it all day.

So it was my dream that pushed me even more than my burning desire. Yet my dream was fostered by my burning desire. My burning desire was created by seeing the mountain lift a massive amount of weight.

Executing Lean

So I went to the gym with half a mind not to do it. My focus was, warming up for to minutes on the elliptical. I wanted to get my heart pumping and body loose. All the while I looked at the bench. I continued to visuallize it while I warmed up.

10 minutes came and I was ready. I had in my mind 5 sets.

1)  I started with a set at 115. I is 1 plate plus the bar.  I did a slow set of 10. The plan was just make certain it works well with my position on the bench.

2) I did a a set of of 205.  This level was 2 plates and the bar. It gave me the feel for a little bit of weight. In my mind, I just wanted to skip to 3 plates but I did my 10 here too.

3) 295 it is.  I went to this with a passion and a focus.  In my mind I knew I could lift it I just didn’t know how many times. Turns out, I could lift it 6 times. I did two sets of 6 reps and was surprised

4) I did another set of 8 at 205. I was done after 8.

What I Learned From 295

Taking masive action matters. Let me be clear, I have never lifted this much weight in my life during a set. In normal cases, 295 would be a max.  I would have lifted 295 1 time and felt great. But this massive action made 295 just a set weight to me now.

A mentor means everything.  The mountain the lifted 295 so easily in front of me reminded me of me. He inspired me to believe in me.  In spite of the fear and doubt I said if he could do it I could do it.

Most important of all, getting the lean plan of the lean menthodoloy down was important. The plan was brief the hypothesis was even more concise.

My fundamental lean hypothesis “If he could do it, I can do it.” It was just that lean and simple. Keeping this process simple is what makes lean possible.  How this translates to lean mobile apps we strive to get our client’s business visions to go from dream to reality in as little as 4 steps too.