urlWhat is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a network to build a your connection base both internationally and nationally.  Linkedin vs other social networks, is the one where professionals business contact make certain to have an active profile.  Also recruiters are actively searching for business contact to do job placement one LinkedIn.

I believe in the power of e-mail marketing.  Lindkin app which goes by the “in” title, is very effective.  It allow you from a mobile device to stay connected with your network.  For me right now, it give me the power to send emails to my network on the go without having to go to my e-mail account.  Some of my contact, I don’t have their contact information outside of LinkedIn.

I’ve used AWeber on occasion. I can appreciate the value of Flutter Mail and how content works well with your e-mail marketing process.  Within LinkedIn you can send an email directly to your connection list.  But first, You must build connection just as you will see in the below video.

Now I focus on build business application strategy.  I believe every business should have a LinkedIn profile in there business application strategy.  Once, you have your profile built you can start build great connections. You also want to start building great relationships. I want to be clear, LinkedIn is not an e-mail marketing platform. Linked is a networking platform. I started off with 1 connection. For years I had less than 500. I eventually made an effort to build my connections. The result, I reached 1788 connections.

So one day, I decided to send out a message to all 1788 people in LinkedIn.   My call to action at that time, was “endorse my linked profile.  The result:

  • every single thing on my profile at that time went above +99 for an endorsement:
  • I received roughly 250 emails (some positive and negative feedback which was less than 10%) ;
  • My network expanded over 2000 people instantly.

What I Learned From Emailing 1788 People at Once

Sending an e-mail to 1788 people was a business gift and a curse. People don’t want to be on broad based e-mail list.  The idea is people see LinkedIn as a personal thing.  Someone said, its like broadly coming to someones house opening up the fridge and cooking your favorite meal.  If this is the first time, you came to someones house, you are not likely to run to the kitchen and start cooking.  You must extend courtesy on LinkedIn. I certainly love the idea of people can be directly connected to decision makers and CEO on LinkedIn.   But I hope you learn to manage the process effectively.  If I can help you feel free to reach out.  And connect with us on LinkedIn.