I first learned of Pokemon Go when a friend was playing the game in he middle of the street. Another friend said look at this guy.  The guy playing Pokemon Go is 6ft 6 in semi pro football player.  At that point I knew Pokemon Go was a big deal.

Pokemon MMA 

The funniest thing I’ve ever scene was an MMA fighter whom after winning HR fight tossed a Pokemon Ball over to his opponent to capture the Pokemon.

Now, many people say that is not how this Pokemon thing works at all.  They are quite right.

1st Thing I Know About Pokemon Go

A brilliant Managment Consultant consulted me about Pokemon Go.  They said “…being the app guy you are I know you know, what is this thing called Pokemon Go?”

It’s a augmented reality game based upon your mobile devices. Irony in this case, you don’t need glasses or any special extras.  The reality is that you take your phone and download the app.

Once you download the app, you will start to see Pokemon appear in your reality on your phone. Again is will show up as a live image in your real life vidoes feed.  It is a geolocal targeted app.

Advertisers can pay for a lure to have people show up at their location for a little as a dollar. Now you are not paying for calls to action.  You are not even paying for Pokemon. You are paying for the lure which make the Pokemon want to come. That said you are playing the game clubs have done for years.  You offer an enticement for women to come in free which I’ll drive men to come and pay to get in to the same venue.

The intire focused is to capture Pokemon while incensed. At that moment you are able to capture more Pokemon than when you are not.  The game is about action and motion.  I believe it’s ideal speed for a player about 7.5 miles an hour which is equivalent to a brisk jog. Clearly you slow down to capture the Pokemon.

The other point of the game is about leveling up. Your action capturing Pokemon and moving will help determine when you level up in the game.  Basically you are capturing Pokemon on the go.

It’s possible to catch roughly 30 Pokemon while Incense is still working. However, between Pokemon Go’s glitchy tracking system and players stopping to actually catch Pokemon they find, you’re more likely to only get 10-15 Pokemon by using this method.

Pokemon Go Players will only get a few Incense for free while leveling up, so be sure not to waste them by using them while sitting down! Looks like Pokemon Go is finding even more ways to encourage players to get moving.  Retailers are still working to figure out how to monetize the foot traffic which shuts down some facilities.

Pokemon Go is available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.