I heard about the lean start up by reading the book Eric Ries wrote.   The book inspired me so much that I actually went to California in effort to meet him.  My first effort to meet the author of the lean start a book resulted in failure.


Some years later I met with some of the people who were former speakers at the lean start a conference and was amazed at their opportunity to speak on that stage. I looked at the price of the conference and immediately knew it was way outside in the budget.

We were not deterred by the price of the lean start up conference, my cofounder and I volunteered to attend the conference. In truth one of us volunteered the other had the “paid for” Lean Startup conference silver badge.  In this opportunity we had both the paid and unpaid experiences.

There as a volunteer at the lean start up conference, I was blessed to bump into Eric Ries.  And the questions he asked us at that 2015 Lean Startup conference resulted in are the questions resulted in our efforts over the next year.


The Question

Eric Ries right after posig for the above picture asked where we were from originally.  I said Washington, DC and my cofounder said Guam.

“So, what’s it like to run a startup in Guam?”  We answered though it wasn’t a straight cut and dry statement.   But more passionately, we wanted to answer the question more scientifically.  We wanted to be lean in our efforts.

By running a lien Agathon in both glom in Washington DC we threw a mobile apps were able to get more visibility to our ideas . Our idea was it under surveys given the opportunity to do great things when exposed to hackathons and startup weekends. Betabel into a no nonsense leave approach that resulted in worldwide exposure along zwith investor and sponsorship opportunities

I’m passionate about lean startup. I was blessed to go to the Lean Startup Conference in 2015 as a volunteer.  I was a spectacular learning experience.  It also resulted in me being paid to speak at the next  years confeerence.

The people I met were exciting an new.  But at the end of the day it was one meeting that was profoundly more valuable than others.  It was when I met Eric Ries at Lean Startup.