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From Volunteer to Paid Speaker in 1 Year

I heard about the lean start up by reading the book Eric Ries wrote.   The book inspired me so much that I actually went to California in effort to meet him.  My first effort to meet the author of […]

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Goodbye 2015 #ello 2016

2016 is Here! I’m excited and challenged and grateful. I’m thankful for today because tomorrow is not promised. 2015 was a year of many blessing and opportunities to be a blessing. Holiday’s not withstanding, 2015 was a celebration. It was [...]
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Color Vibe: No Boring Apps

   Don’t Be Boring I have seen them for years. 5k Runs for charity are not new. I’ve even help run a couple.  I like 5K’s but its not my lifestyle. Running is a lifestyle that people build the daily […]

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What Startup Failure Means

I was blessed to be part of a Startup Failure.  Let me be clear.  I worked for the startup as my full time job.  The startup went from being in a garage to being a publicly traded company.   I regretted […]

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What’s New With Swift 2

Swift 2.0  is for iOS 9 & is full of enhancements you’ll appreciate in daily life. Your apps become more essential. New iPad multitasking features makes you even more productive. Siri  can do more than ever, and new proactive suggestions help […]

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What is a Startup Weekend?

My mastermind group member attended a Startup Weekend that inspired me to see exactly what it is.  A Startup weekend is a business model Hackathon for everybody. What is a Hackathon? Its an event where you take an idea and […]

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Kore Douzo App

Sometimes I wonder what’s right for me. It will be so much easier if someone was to tell you this is for you. Japanese: Kore douzo. これどうぞ。 English: This is for you. I spoke to someone the other day. They […]

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Outsourcing To The Philippines

I love working with my Virtual Assistants (VA).  Sometimes it can be a challenge.  Yet it is consistently a blessing.  One of my favorite and best customers came from my VA.  The literally found them on the fly. That said, it […]

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Apple Watch Apps

Mobile app development is getting to be more futuristic every day.  Today people don’t recognize how many old devices are being used in new ways. Timepiece For Time Travel “The Doctor” in Dr. Who uses a phone booth to travel through time […]

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Repsonsive Design Apps

I come from a home improvement background.  In that old school industry, you don’t have one size fits all for homes.  When it comes to working with the roof, you have metal that many times, has to be shaped at […]

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