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Speaking At Your Event

I’m an experienced and enthusiastic speaker and fortunate enough to get a lot of requests to speak and run workshops. This information is for anyone who might want to invite me to their event.



My public speaking engagements are private at this time, but I will list update on this site and on LinkedIn profile.. I also have other professional engagements, and run workshops in-house. Drop me a line if you want to check availability.



I’m available in the run up to the event, and make sure that you get any information you need to promote my talk or workshop in good time.

I’ll tweet and share the fact I’m speaking at your event, where it is a public event, in order to increase awareness and help you sell tickets. If you have special promotions I’ll be happy to share those.  I’m a podcaster and a fan of Podcast before the events as well.

I’ll be happy for you to record my presentation and distribute it for free, to take and use photos, and share my slide deck and examples. When I do code-related talks I generally create worked examples and make these available for attendees.


I’ve run Hackathons for teams under 20 and been a key leader for conference over 300 people. My experiences have given me key insight on what to do achieve the business goals of any organization. I do create presentations that I use for a variety of events though I tailor the presentations for each event. I take into consideration the dominate audience base from high school children to PHD’s with technological degree. I always seek to understand the type of attendees that will be listening before presenting.

I’m an enthusiastic,  professional and dedicated speaker. This is passion project part of my job. I love to talk. I’m a Podcaster so, I’m use to talking.  You can rely on my being at the venue when required, fully prepared.  I love the travel and engage the audience. My focus is always on making sure your events a success with time on stage on top form for my presentation!

Unless otherwise agreed, I’ll attend the full event. I an my team if present with be available for any additional things you want speakers to take part in at your event. I love being on a panels of speakers, doing “office hours” with attendees, attending meet the speakers sessions etc… Just  give me a heads up and a clear perspective of your plans.


I’ll do a great job if you ask me to speak, and you can help by doing the following.

Covering my expenses

I’m not backed by a big company. I’m one half of a tiny little company and as such I can’t subsidize your event.

This means that at a minimum I need my return travel and hotel accommodation covered. I live in Bristol, UK. I can sometimes link up events, making the travel cheaper for all but assume you’ll need to cover me for travel from and back to Bristol.

Please refund me promptly. I want to book my travel early to get good prices but delaying repayment until after the event means I’m essentially giving you a loan! Again, we’re a tiny company, we just can’t keep doing that.

Paying me

Normally I expect to be paid to speak. I will  sometimes waive my fee for non-profit, community events. If you can’t pay speakers please be up front about it when getting in touch, it’ll save us all time. I’d love to be able to fly around the globe speaking for free, but until I win the lottery  (which I do not play) I have to limit the number of free gigs. I working on a few startups planning to go public so hey.. you never know how things will go in the future. If you run a community meetup or event and you spot that I’m in your town at another event – let me know! I love to fit in talks or even just visits to local meetups when I’m traveling.

monty campbell

Setup and information

Having a Code of Conduct means I know that you are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. That’s important.  I expect to present from my own laptop. I use a Macbook Pro, and will have everything I need with me.

Let me know in good time:

  • Expected audience size for the event.
  • Tell me a bit about your typical attendees,
    • their technical background,
    • whether they are mostly from large companies or
    • are freelancers, blogger, podcaster and so on.
  • Slide resolution and any other technical details that might be helpful as I prepare.
  • Any additional events you expect me to attend as well as my talk

The more you can tell me, the better I am able to shape my presentation for your audience.

  • Bonus points for …

Telling me what you really LOVE about the city where the conference will be (assuming you are local). I love to get a feel for a place, even if I only have a few hours to explore… I will explore.

Letting me know where is nice to run. I run, a lot. This also saves me getting hopelessly lost on the morning of the conference.

Being aware that many of us speaking-nerds are introverts at heart (I’m an INTJ), and providing somewhere for speakers to chill and recharge in between the tiring but rewarding conversations we’ll have with attendees.


The most important thing in all of this is that we create a fantastic conference for your attendees. I’m not high maintenance, neither are most speakers, but if we are stressed about basic life issues that will impact our ability to give 100% on stage and one to one with those attendees.

Making a nice experience for speakers isn’t about speaker gifts, posh hotels and expensive dinners though they are nice to have). It’s about thinking, “what would these folk love when landing in a country where they don’t speak the language, it’s 5am in the morning and they need to speak the next day?”  I try to get to the conferences a day early always. Tiny kindnesses make a big difference at that point, and will enhance your conference for everyone.

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