I probably use this term too much.  I have to admit, the first time I heard it I had no idea what it meant.  Now, I just use is as if everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Red Ocean in its simplest form mean there is blood in the water.  Everyone is having a feeding frenzy like sharks whom get the sense that there is fresh wounded mean in the water waiting for the slaughter.  Here is a better video to give you more understanding.

As you can see by the feature image from the beach a red ocean looks rather strange and a bit disgusting.  Everyone fighting over the same thing at the same time can leave the water and th market a bloody mess.

At the very least, you have no ability to differentiate yourself in a Red Ocean market because people can’t see you for all the blood and muddy water.  I know disgusting.


“Value innovation requires companies to orient the whole system toward achieving a leap in value for both buyers and themselves.”
W. Chan Kim,

Blue Ocean Strategy: How To Create Uncontested Market Space And Make The Competition Irrelevant


So What Does That Have To Do With Apps?

Many app developers get caught up in making the me too apps.  They want to make FaceBook lite.  Or people want to create YouTubeToo.   At the end of the day, FaceBook is here and so are many other apps that people uses everyday like Google Docs.

English: red ocean

Japanese: Akai umi 赤い海


In Japan there have been hunters whom turn the Taiji ocean red during a dolphin hunt.  Many dolphins are killed and some are captured for sale to aquariums during the western town’s annual, six-month hunt. The 2015 year’s was scheduled to start on Tuesday September 1 but bad weather cause the hut to be postponed, according to Kyodo News service.

Point:  Its never really a good idea to get into the Red Ocean. In any sense of the word theoretic or real.

Many times, we entrepreneurs get caught up in the customer is always right might set and never innovating because of that.

“If you ask people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford

According to National Smithsonian Institute, mankind has had the wheel for roughly 200,000 years. How long because of a lack of innovation did we simply have a top speed on the planet of 5 miles per hour (A: 195,000 years). Mankind was stuck in a Red Ocean for 195,000 years because we just didn’t take the time to innovate.

Some developers think I’m going to make an app on top of FaceBook and then it works just that much better.  The challenge there is Facebook as with any other company keeps changing the rules.  So you can’t depend on them to support your app or foster your success.

With LeanMobileApps.com we help define your strategy to make you fully aware are you doing a blue ocean approach or are you in read ocean territory.  This read ocean approach is why having a business application strategy is imperative for a businesses success.

Oh, yeah… what is Blue Ocean we will cover that in the next post.