That Moment When It All Changes

I was a happily married man.  I feel joy in relationships. I was living the dream 3 house 2 cars a child and a beautify wife.

I’m not married. I’m Divorced in fact.  I also had a breakup from a second significant other that ripped my roots, logic, foundation and strength rough from my soul.

As a 2 time looser in love, Father of 2 boys and startup founder who founded a startup partly be cause no startup would have me. Well, to be accurate no startup would meet my exact terms to have me.

My point is, life sometime hits you in the gut then kick you in the groin just to prove you are a man or woman. So what happens when everything you fundamentally believe is wrong  ?

I was giving a glass of henessy from a friend. It made me think about my life. I had a hypohesis. I did everything one way before. This time it would be different.  This time I would be better; much betters.

LeanMobileApps Concept

We build, measure and test everything.  Ideally, you have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be tested and adapted as quickly as we test it.

With this concept, it’s easy to see. You make certainties to learn and grow with each modular adaptation.  They goal is to measure everything and define and determine success.

In life things can be a struggle.  But the more you test and learn the more you grow. I’m blessed to grow in life.  My team and I are also blessed to help clients grow in their process.  Its not about perfection its about progression toward the goal of success.