Lean Mobile Apps creates a mobile responsive design sites that defines a focused apps with purpose and lifetime customer value focus.There are many usability concepts to consider for your users.

These mobile design considerations include
1) screen size,
2) inline images,
3) hyperlinks,
4) font sizes,
5) and page navigation.

We discuss mobile usability design with you to carve your website niche for better user experience & usability. You need to always keep yourself aware of new ideas to improve your site.

Planning a strong user experience & interface also means that you should consider how a user will interact with your website. On traditional desktops, your website can be interacted with a mouse & a keyboard. On a mobile device or smartphone, users will be tapping, flicking, and swiping their way around your site.

You need to design the mobile site 1st in the way that the users can access the site information easily with these physical typical movements.

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