Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines and she deserved it.


I’m going to tell this story and also inform why it is App related.  Where old media ends, new media begins.

Congrats to Miss Philippines for winning Ms. Universe. To be clear I’ve never seen a more poised and graceful winner under extraordinary circumstances than Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach,  Miss Universe Philippines 2015.


My Philippines Story

The PhilippinesI’m connected to the Philippines through my virtual assistant; Alva.  Shout out to Alva for just being Awesome.   We’ve worked together for almost 5 years now and I’m humbly grateful to have her on my team.  I recognize her effort, her commitment and diligence to our company cause.  I value and appreciate her struggle.
The Philippines have Typhoons,  and floods along with challenges many other countries do not face.  There culture is rich with people whom have an industrious nature if not resources to achieve their goals.  I know many of my friends outsource to the Philippines work that they otherwise couldn’t get done as efficiently.
What Happened During the Miss Universe Show?  

I’m glad you asked.  I normally don’t watch the Miss Universe show at all.  Usually, I don’t have a dog in the fight.  In this case, I just happen to catch the last hour.  By the time, I payed attention, the Miss Universe Pageant was in the top 5:

  1. Miss. Australia
  2. Miss. France
  3. Miss. Philippines
  4. Miss USA
  5. Miss Colombia

All of the top 5 in the Miss Universe Pageant were beautiful.  From the moment I payed attention, Miss Philippines looked Regal.  She even work a solid royal blue.  She had no extra anything in the gown just elegance.

Top three were announces and they were:

  1. Miss. USA
  2. Miss Colombia
  3. Miss Philippines

I at this point had 2 dogs in the fight.  I would be happy if it were Miss USA or Miss Philippines.   Both represented things that I appreciated.  Fact is, if France were in there instead of Colombia then they would have been the fan favorite.  So, I was kind of glad they didn’t make it.

Each of the top three had to answer the question of why they should be Miss Universe. In my opinion, USA hit the ball and got on second base.  Miss Colombia bunted.  Miss Philippines knocked the ball out of the park.

Now to the Meat and Potatoes


Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega

So… what had happened was 😀  (colloquially speaking) … Miss Universe 2014 is introduced.  She was from Colombia.  I was shocked that she was from Colombia, because that meant to me that there was no way Colombia would win back to back  (#Drake not withstanding) tittles.

USA was introduced as second runner up.   She was begrudgingly, grateful and honorably took her place back to the stage at the right of the stage with flowers.  Hind site being twenty twenty, she did want to win, but I know she had no idea what was about to happen and how it will go down from here.

Its down to Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia.  Miss Philippines looks with hope and grace as Miss Colombia.  Miss Colombia looks away and toward the camera. Miss Colombia never really looks at Miss Philippines.

Steve Harvey announces, Miss Colombia is the new Miss Universe and they crowd goes wild. Miss Universe 2014 and Miss Universe 2015 both from the same country.  They jump for joy with each other.  Miss Philippines goes to her place and just with grace stands as the new Miss Universe celebrates.


But Wait There’s More

Steve Harvey Steps out and says:

“There has been a mistake. The 1st runner up is Colombia. Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines”

Miss Philippines had so much poise and grace during the show.

Screenshot 2015-12-21 03.50.43

Miss Columbia as She’s Told She is Not Miss Universe

What Really Happened

I was don’e when I heard Ms. Colombia had won.  I turned the show off.  I felt Miss Philippines was robbed and there was nothing I could do about it.  I know that there is no way there should be 2 back to back winners from Colombia.  Add that to the fact that Colombia didn’t have the poise and grace I thought Miss Philippines had I went on to do other things.

I got on Facebook and happen to see something about the Miss Universe being Miss Philippines.  I’m thinking what in the #TomBrady is going on here.  On FaceBook there was a video that showed what happened after I turned the show off.  The videos here post a version of the story that highlight what I saw and what happened after I turned off the show.

Were is not for Facebook, twitter and Instagram, I personally wouldn’t have known the debacle that was the end of the Miss Universe pageant.  Thanks to those platforms, I’m able to say, congrats to Miss Universe 2015 whom is also Miss Colombia #SorryMissColombia.