Adult Education and Apps

Loving the idea of what people can learn when we learn it. I am a huge fan of using Apps to help teach what we can to adults and children.  Adult education is learning what Adults can learn and how we can help them learning it more efficiently.  I love using what I’ve learned with my son to help teach other adults. I appreciate the idea of teaching. I’ve been blessed to teach from an elementary to adult education level.

Its interesting to see how adults even that are on a C or lower level of education can operate smart phone.  The idea of people whom are ABE  (Adult Basic Education), GED (or ESL (English as a Second Language are really understood with a CASAS  (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) course. CASAS started in California.  The original “C” in CASAS stood for California.
How Do We Equip Them For the Future

Many people have anxiety when it comes to learning.  One key to success is you need to know what you don’t know.   One term the adult education community is Equipped for the Future (EFF).  I love to help students get EFF.  People can’t get success on day one.  It might be a challenge to understand a student that has a low ABE that they can’t do the GED yet.

The Journey is true that when you start out, unless you are talented and gifted, it will be a struggle to get the success you desire.   When a person is able to see their progress its a tremendous motivational benefit.  My thought is to best prepare them for the future we have to have adaptive learning using an app or two that enhances learning.

What Does Adult Education Have To Do With Apps? 

Are you smarter than a 5th grader was a great show.  Jeff Foxworthy for 8 years ran a game show to see who was smarter.  He would place your average adult up against fairly smart 5th graders.  In these sense, people would win money when they were smarter than 5th graders.  No the idea is funny on its premise until you look at adult education and literacy in the US.

Worrisome US Adult Literacy Stats

14% Percent of Adults in the US Can’t Read

21% Read Below a 5th grade level

19% Of High School Graduates Can’t Read

The idea of CASAS is to help us streamline the entire adult education assessment process.

With Apps as we learn what students know, we can adapt instruction to better assess the need and adjust the curriculum. With the same students whom can’t read, they can engage pictures.  My 4 year old son knows how to use an iPhone.  He speaks Japanese and Korean.  But my son can’t read. Even with his challenge, he is able to use an iPhone an any android tablet better than even I can.   Heck my so showed me best uses of Siri.

The Point Of Adult Education Apps

The real clear picture is that we have an educational system that is broken.  Every app developer must truly understand the market and the level of User Experience (UX) that is required for someone to use the app.  With far too advance apps the UX is poor when the User Interface (UI) is not able to be worked with by people that can’t read.  It should be so easy that even a 4 year old can do it.