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Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean

The Umbrella game sucks.  So let’s play the umbrella game right now. To start I would say something like this: The name of the game is “Umbrella.” Um-brella is the name of the game.  Its a listening game and not […]

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Blue Ocean

Since I wrote a post on Red  Ocean Apps, I must write a post about Blue Ocean. So what exactly is blue ocean, well first let me re-define Red Ocean.  Read Ocean is when there is blood in the water.  The over […]

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Red Ocean Apps

I probably use this term too much.  I have to admit, the first time I heard it I had no idea what it meant.  Now, I just use is as if everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. Red Ocean […]

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What Startup Failure Means

I was blessed to be part of a Startup Failure.  Let me be clear.  I worked for the startup as my full time job.  The startup went from being in a garage to being a publicly traded company.   I regretted […]

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Why Podcasting is Important To Apps

I’m a Podcaster whom has approach learning podcasting in a unique way.  I sought to learn from the best and get a true sense of the word expertise. But this is for those whom want to know how to podcast […]

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What’s New With Swift 2

Swift 2.0  is for iOS 9 & is full of enhancements you’ll appreciate in daily life. Your apps become more essential. New iPad multitasking features makes you even more productive. Siri  can do more than ever, and new proactive suggestions help […]

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What is a Startup Weekend?

My mastermind group member attended a Startup Weekend that inspired me to see exactly what it is.  A Startup weekend is a business model Hackathon for everybody. What is a Hackathon? Its an event where you take an idea and […]

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Kore Douzo App

Sometimes I wonder what’s right for me. It will be so much easier if someone was to tell you this is for you. Japanese: Kore douzo. これどうぞ。 English: This is for you. I spoke to someone the other day. They […]

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Are Mobile Apps Mobile Ads?

Yes. Its a trick questions.  If you are hear, you probably already knew that.  If this is your first time; Japanese: Hadjimasaste,Watashi wa Monty gozen aisatsu suru to, manzoku shite wa, anata ni mitasu tame ni. English: Greeting I am Monty, […]

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Mobile App Mastermind: Never Eat Alone

Whoops… this wasn’t actually supposed to be published. This “Mobile App Mastermind” Post was technically … comes soon.  It is still under construction and development.  Actually that is just like my actual mastermind group.  I’m really in two but I […]

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