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What was new with WWDC? Everything!!!  Here are 10 things that are new in 2016 with the MacOs For all the developers whom slept on the idea that apple was up to something new in 2016, they were sadly mistaken.  Points […]

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Constant Grinding Apps

   I was blessed to be able to learn from a tremendous success about Hardwork. He saidConstant grinding makes a diamond diamond. 

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Learning About Adult Education & Apps

Adult Education and Apps Loving the idea of what people can learn when we learn it. I am a huge fan of using Apps to help teach what we can to adults and children.  Adult education is learning what Adults […]

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Moment of Clarity In Apps

That Moment When It All Changes I was a happily married man.  I feel joy in relationships. I was living the dream 3 house 2 cars a child and a beautify wife. I’m not married. I’m Divorced in fact.  I […]

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10 Things Every Startup Must Have to Thrive in 2016

The Startup world often appears to be a sexy nuance of sorts and while in many instances that may be true your goal as a Startup in 2016 is to actually startup.  With this in mind we've compiled a list [...]
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Blab Podcasting App

Without sounding like a Blithering idiot blabbing away about nothing, I seek to let people know  about Blab.  What is Blab?  I’m glad you asked. is cool app that can also be accessed via Chrome browsers. English: learning from […]

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Unended Inquiry Apps

I was speaking to a client about there questions.  We were discussing what they wanted. It was actually questions because they enjoyed coming up with ideas and asking questions to see if we can produce it.  In this case is […]

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What Makes Even Better Apps

Masterminding I spoke to a mastermind partner of mind. They were down in the dumps because they just lost a client. I spoke to them about my situation and how I sought to get a few new clients and nothing […]

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What is a Startup Weekend?

My mastermind group member attended a Startup Weekend that inspired me to see exactly what it is.  A Startup weekend is a business model Hackathon for everybody. What is a Hackathon? Its an event where you take an idea and […]

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Kore Douzo App

Sometimes I wonder what’s right for me. It will be so much easier if someone was to tell you this is for you. Japanese: Kore douzo. これどうぞ。 English: This is for you. I spoke to someone the other day. They […]

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