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Customer’s Worth More Than Panera Bread: Customer Value

The Story I bought a potential client  and potential parent lunch from Panara Bread. My partner and I didn’t eat lunch with the entire team as expected. As a whole on this occasion the lunch was left behind.  The partner […]

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Why Have a Partner Build Your Apps

One of my least favorite experience is buying a car.  Mind you, I love cars but just not the process of buying a car.  Often in this case you feel like there are teams.  Your team, and the entire dealership […]

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For Startups Success: Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

The day after Christmas 2014 had a founders meeting to go over a mobile app development plan. As a pre-meeting conversation I had a moment to speak with my cofounder whom speaks fluent Japanese. I’m growing in my understanding in […]

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Lean Startups 101: What Are Your Metrics?

What Should You Track With Web Analytics Everything! Enough said. But truly you should have a pulse on all the things that your business does.  If you are not tracking you run the risk of having the business hemorrhage money like […]

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Silicon Valley: 3 D Printing

What Matters About 3 D Printing The only thing I knew about 3D Printing was the guns you are able to print from the web. The 3 D Printing was able to produce the plastic guns that break after a […]

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Startup 101: FREE Marketing Tips

Why is FREE so powerful? I could pretend like I don’t know.  I also could act like I have a super power for all perceptions and that trivial ideas like free are meaningless to me.  But imperial data shows FREE […]

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Lean Startup 101: All’s Well That Begin’s Well

In the beginning there was an idea.  The idea came to the visionary. The visionary then sought out some friends to manifest the vision.

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Startup 101: Vision

  The idea of taking a vision from idea from reality is amazing. Artwork by: Ismael Burciaga

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LEAN STARTUP 101: Out Dated Design

This is the beginning.  In Japanese the “the beginning” is “Hajime.”  So to be clear: In English: The Begining In Japanese: Hajime Sometimes, life treats you to cruel lessons that can be considered challenging, but should be considered a blessing. […]

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