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From Volunteer to Paid Speaker in 1 Year

I heard about the lean start up by reading the book Eric Ries wrote.   The book inspired me so much that I actually went to California in effort to meet him.  My first effort to meet the author of […]

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How To Use The Twitter App to Grow Business

Twitter Selling Tips I’m a consistent twitterer.  I love the platform.  I appreciate what people do with periscope which is owned by twitter, but I love the pure engagement of twitter.  I also love the Zeitgeist of the platform. At […]

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What I learned from 295 Lbs

Why being lean means executing info quickly. Struggled with the idea for the longest time. I dreamed of it. It consumed me for about 5 days. Burning Desire I was in the gym. I’d just finished working out and I felt pretty […]

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Miss Universe 2015 Epic Fail

Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines and she deserved it. #SorryMissColombia I’m going to tell this story and also inform why it is App related.  Where old media ends, new media begins. Congrats to Miss Philippines for winning Ms. Universe. To […]

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How the Lean Startup Conference Helps Apps

I bought the Kool-Aide.  Lean Startup is ingrained in my system that we have Lean in our company name, Lean Mobile Apps.  Getting to the Lean Startup conference in San Fransisco was a struggle; but the blessing was to be […]

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Color Vibe: No Boring Apps

   Don’t Be Boring I have seen them for years. 5k Runs for charity are not new. I’ve even help run a couple.  I like 5K’s but its not my lifestyle. Running is a lifestyle that people build the daily […]

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Unended Inquiry Apps

I was speaking to a client about there questions.  We were discussing what they wanted. It was actually questions because they enjoyed coming up with ideas and asking questions to see if we can produce it.  In this case is […]

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What Makes Even Better Apps

Masterminding I spoke to a mastermind partner of mind. They were down in the dumps because they just lost a client. I spoke to them about my situation and how I sought to get a few new clients and nothing […]

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BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero

Star Wars: Episode 7 So, I’m a Treky.  Meaning I prefer Star Trek to Star War.  In fact, I’m  TNG guy whom prefers Jean Luc Picard to Kirk.  But its Start Ward time.  The Force Awakens is coming in about […]

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Blue Ocean

Since I wrote a post on Red  Ocean Apps, I must write a post about Blue Ocean. So what exactly is blue ocean, well first let me re-define Red Ocean.  Read Ocean is when there is blood in the water.  The over […]

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