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Blab Podcasting App

Without sounding like a Blithering idiot blabbing away about nothing, I seek to let people know  about Blab.  What is Blab?  I’m glad you asked. is cool app that can also be accessed via Chrome browsers. English: learning from […]

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Periscope For Business

I Wake Up Looking For Periscopes On the east coast, I’m up about 5 AM. I wake up looking for Scope Mouthwash.  That immediately reminded me of scope (periscope).  I check my phone pretty quickly after that. I often wonder whom is […]

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Who Has Better Mobile Apps

I’ve often been curious “Who has the best apps?”  It is a questions we will start asking an answering weekly.    I went to an event, which had a panel discussion of app developers.  3 developers of apps and technology. […]

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How Instagram Adds More Ads

We live in a world of mobility.  We have technology that allows people to connect there passion with technology.  Instagram is an app that allows people to share their life, likes and interest with others.  In a less filters stream […]

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Guerrilla Mobile Apps Vs Likeable Business

As a lean startup, we test everything.  We also read a great deal.  Two books I really appreciate are: Guerrilla Marketing Love the book which truly put a spin on the idea of getting your message out to and interested […]

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Grateful New Year

I’m grateful for all I learned in 2014. The amazing thing I’ve discovered about mobile app development and about me. I loved the service I’ve done in the community and at my church. I’m grateful for everyday above ground. I’m […]

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Zero to One Real Quick: Innovation

Innovation can be described as something someone does that is unique or original for the first time. Put simply; “Zero to One”.  The Wright brothers taking the first flight.  Bannister running the first four minute mile. Google creating the first […]

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Grateful For Our IAAP Membership: International Accessibility Association Professionals

We are grateful for all our clients.  Our charter clients are truly something special.  They have been a blessing to us as we seek to bless them. One such charter client is whom are disability and aging experts. Mr. Ray […]

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Lean Startup 101: The Power of Prayer

I’m thankful for the opportunity to give thanks for the   “The eternal star shine nightly in their accustomed places.” … “Useful day follows slumbering night” ~Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the devil    

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Lean Startup 101: All’s Well That Begin’s Well

In the beginning there was an idea.  The idea came to the visionary. The visionary then sought out some friends to manifest the vision.

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