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What I Know About Pokemon Go

I first learned of Pokemon Go when a friend was playing the game in he middle of the street. Another friend said look at this guy.  The guy playing Pokemon Go is 6ft 6 in semi pro football player.  At […]

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What I learned from 295 Lbs

Why being lean means executing info quickly. Struggled with the idea for the longest time. I dreamed of it. It consumed me for about 5 days. Burning Desire I was in the gym. I’d just finished working out and I felt pretty […]

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Color Vibe: No Boring Apps

   Don’t Be Boring I have seen them for years. 5k Runs for charity are not new. I’ve even help run a couple.  I like 5K’s but its not my lifestyle. Running is a lifestyle that people build the daily […]

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Periscope For Business

I Wake Up Looking For Periscopes On the east coast, I’m up about 5 AM. I wake up looking for Scope Mouthwash.  That immediately reminded me of scope (periscope).  I check my phone pretty quickly after that. I often wonder whom is […]

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What I Learned From Tesla About Apps

Tesla is an amazing company. California’s Telsa manufacturing facility is clean new and filled with hope. You get a sense o promise there. All this optimize passion boiled down to effective energy that translated to a useful app. I was […]

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3 Free Publicity Points For Apps

Reloadable card for the 20 comes to marketing. Azaline start of the towing the struggle to manage the budget versus the value. Wow doesn’t always mean cheap mostly start ups operate with the budget that’s minimum. So here are three […]

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Happy New Year! Is it March yet?

Looking at the calendar I’m surprised to see that it’s 2015. But what I just saw was a text from Bill Belew of Happy New Year! Is it March yet? I laughed but I’m totally excited about what we […]

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Apps as Old as Methusala

The beginning of a thing doesn’t always determine its end. Having the faith of a mustard seed can result in a mighty croup. The foundation allows you to build a large organization that can be as old as Methusala. Clearly […]

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Yutakana Mobile Apps

This holiday season has taught me a great deal. I learned about loss right at the holiday season. I learned about struggle and helping others in your time of need. I learned what it is to be Yutakana and the […]

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Zero to One Real Quick: Innovation

Innovation can be described as something someone does that is unique or original for the first time. Put simply; “Zero to One”.  The Wright brothers taking the first flight.  Bannister running the first four minute mile. Google creating the first […]

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