Without sounding like a Blithering idiot blabbing away about nothing, I seek to let people know  about Blab.  What is Blab?  I’m glad you asked. is cool app that can also be accessed via Chrome browsers.

English: learning from failure

Japanese: Shippai kara manabimasu失敗から学びます

Social Media Examiner and many other are starting to pic up on the noise Blab is making in the Podcast Community. Blab is Live engagement with streaming social media.

You can have a blab “On the Record” or “Off the Record” which makes the difference between you building a podcast or just having a communal conversation.

Blabs “ Off the record ” happen everyday. People use blogs to have and become experts at a variety of topics. Blabs allow bloggers to build communication about a topic. “Off the record” blabs give you a chance to connect with the audience without asking for anything.

On the record ” blab is a way to produce content regularly in a video or audio format. If you make the Blab on the records, Blab will then followup and send you two files in email.

Why I’m Not A Fan of Blab?

I write this while I use almost every day.  That said, I’ve seen many issues with people hosting and using blab on a regular basis.  It become frustrating to see the instability of the platform.  In addition, the platform is not set to work on lower level mobile devices.  I’m not speaking to the idea of the smart watch which many people wear.  I speak to the lower forms of smart phones which many companies still support. doesn’t not work on iPhone 4 and is spotty on iPhone 5.

How I see Blab is Awesome as a Podcaster?

Blab an awesome platform for those whom know how to hold a session that are a multi person session.   If you want to interview a person and take that to a live audience, is a great way to go.  Actually, at this time it is the best way to go to get live feedback with targeted niches.  You can see and engage an audience as long as you are willing to do a live recording.  To top it off Blab is all.

I love what we do as podcasters.  It is a blessing to be in blab as its so fundamentally new.  Its growing and is certainly bleeding edge at this time.  While I’m not a fan of Blab yet; I appreciate its possibilities.  I see the potential. Blab has the potential to be the greatest streaming media platform of them all & its not far from it.

I’ve used the Blab app on my iPad.  Its moderately successful to listen to blabs on the devices.  It is a epic fail to try to engage on a blab via the app. iPhone 6 and beyond seem to work well with Blab.

Why I Recommend Blab While Not a Fan

Blab is an epic platform that can be a game changer.  I think it has the potential to let people become an expert at building a show.  Blab is reality TV in the form of video chat live streaming.

While I don’t watch reality TV I do watch a lot of Blab.  I’ve even recommended it to hundreds of people whom have never heard of blab. I seek to fully vetted Blab through rigorous testing and hackathons to truly see what blab can do for business.

I’m not a fan of the Blab app. But the platform is the best thing going for Podcasters and those interested in live streaming media.