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From Volunteer to Paid Speaker in 1 Year

I heard about the lean start up by reading the book Eric Ries wrote.   The book inspired me so much that I actually went to California in effort to meet him.  My first effort to meet the author of […]

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What I Know About Slack

What is the true power of being organized?  How important is a good plan & effective plan management? For years I heard of the #slack app.  I even downloaded the app. Almost forgot about #Slack until going to an event […]

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What I Know About Pokemon Go

I first learned of Pokemon Go when a friend was playing the game in he middle of the street. Another friend said look at this guy.  The guy playing Pokemon Go is 6ft 6 in semi pro football player.  At […]

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What was new with WWDC? Everything!!!  Here are 10 things that are new in 2016 with the MacOs For all the developers whom slept on the idea that apple was up to something new in 2016, they were sadly mistaken.  Points […]

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Constant Grinding Apps

   I was blessed to be able to learn from a tremendous success about Hardwork. He saidConstant grinding makes a diamond diamond. 

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How To Use The Twitter App to Grow Business

Twitter Selling Tips I’m a consistent twitterer.  I love the platform.  I appreciate what people do with periscope which is owned by twitter, but I love the pure engagement of twitter.  I also love the Zeitgeist of the platform. At […]

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Moment of Clarity In Apps

That Moment When It All Changes I was a happily married man.  I feel joy in relationships. I was living the dream 3 house 2 cars a child and a beautify wife. I’m not married. I’m Divorced in fact.  I […]

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What I learned from 295 Lbs

Why being lean means executing info quickly. Struggled with the idea for the longest time. I dreamed of it. It consumed me for about 5 days. Burning Desire I was in the gym. I’d just finished working out and I felt pretty […]

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Why Blab is Important In 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anyone that has heard of or been on should know Britney M. What’s Glad you asked. Blab is a form of streaming social media.  Blogger, Podcasters and Solopreneaurs all can build communities.  You don’t just […]

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Goodbye 2015 #ello 2016

2016 is Here! I’m excited and challenged and grateful. I’m thankful for today because tomorrow is not promised. 2015 was a year of many blessing and opportunities to be a blessing. Holiday’s not withstanding, 2015 was a celebration. It was [...]
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