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#PleaseDontAskMeTo Join Your MLM

This post is a little bit selfish.  It has very little to do with apps or mobile app development.  I’m often amazed how people are truly interested in the idea of people whom pitch MLM’s.  You can tell that someone […]

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Unended Inquiry Apps

I was speaking to a client about there questions.  We were discussing what they wanted. It was actually questions because they enjoyed coming up with ideas and asking questions to see if we can produce it.  In this case is […]

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What Makes Even Better Apps

Masterminding I spoke to a mastermind partner of mind. They were down in the dumps because they just lost a client. I spoke to them about my situation and how I sought to get a few new clients and nothing […]

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BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero

Star Wars: Episode 7 So, I’m a Treky.  Meaning I prefer Star Trek to Star War.  In fact, I’m  TNG guy whom prefers Jean Luc Picard to Kirk.  But its Start Ward time.  The Force Awakens is coming in about […]

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Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean

The Umbrella game sucks.  So let’s play the umbrella game right now. To start I would say something like this: The name of the game is “Umbrella.” Um-brella is the name of the game.  Its a listening game and not […]

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Blue Ocean

Since I wrote a post on Red  Ocean Apps, I must write a post about Blue Ocean. So what exactly is blue ocean, well first let me re-define Red Ocean.  Read Ocean is when there is blood in the water.  The over […]

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Red Ocean Apps

I probably use this term too much.  I have to admit, the first time I heard it I had no idea what it meant.  Now, I just use is as if everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. Red Ocean […]

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What Startup Failure Means

I was blessed to be part of a Startup Failure.  Let me be clear.  I worked for the startup as my full time job.  The startup went from being in a garage to being a publicly traded company.   I regretted […]

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