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Are Mobile Apps Mobile Ads?

Yes. Its a trick questions.  If you are hear, you probably already knew that.  If this is your first time; Japanese: Hadjimasaste,Watashi wa Monty gozen aisatsu suru to, manzoku shite wa, anata ni mitasu tame ni. English: Greeting I am Monty, […]

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Mobile App Mastermind: Never Eat Alone

Whoops… this wasn’t actually supposed to be published. This “Mobile App Mastermind” Post was technically … comes soon.  It is still under construction and development.  Actually that is just like my actual mastermind group.  I’m really in two but I […]

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What is Swift?

Swift for Apple Development Apple wanted to make is easier & quicker for developers to develop. At its core, Swift is a multi-paradigm, compiled programming language created byApple Inc. for iOS, OS X, and watchOS development. The Software Development Kit […]

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What Mobile App Developers Do

What Mobile App Developers do? It’s a question most people have.  Its also a thought everyone whom believes they want a mobile app has.  The next question is how much does it “How much does it cost be do mobile app […]

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Outsourcing To The Philippines

I love working with my Virtual Assistants (VA).  Sometimes it can be a challenge.  Yet it is consistently a blessing.  One of my favorite and best customers came from my VA.  The literally found them on the fly. That said, it […]

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Apple Watch Apps

Mobile app development is getting to be more futuristic every day.  Today people don’t recognize how many old devices are being used in new ways. Timepiece For Time Travel “The Doctor” in Dr. Who uses a phone booth to travel through time […]

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What is black & white & read: Hackathon 2

Questions: What’s Black and White and Read all over? Old Answer: News Paper New Answer: Blog We can’t do things the same way if we want different results. We must do something different if we want better results.   At, […]

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Philippines is…

What is the Philippines.. I attended school with 1 Filipino friend.  He was cool.  We got along famously and had a great time in school.   We ran track together and he was very fast & in great condition.  I […]

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Why I Hate The Thumbtack App

I love mobile apps and I can’t knock someones hustle.  My biggest challenge is that I’ve seen far to many people not benefit from and taken advantage by thumbtack. What is Thumbtack? The idea is that Thumbtack connect your passion […]

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Repsonsive Design Apps

I come from a home improvement background.  In that old school industry, you don’t have one size fits all for homes.  When it comes to working with the roof, you have metal that many times, has to be shaped at […]

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