Monthly Archives: January 2015

Nisen vs Nissan

I love the Tesla and I appreciate how many around the world love what Elon Musk has don with the car.  As much as I love Tesla one of my best vehicle ownership experiences was with Nissan. I appreciate the […]

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Ohayao Gozaimasu For Mobile Apps

I love waking up in the morning and giving thank for what I’ve just been given, a new day. On this day, I was learning the idea of conversational Japanese.  “Ohayao Gozaimasu” is a traditionally respectful way to say good […]

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Guerrilla Mobile Apps Vs Likeable Business

As a lean startup, we test everything.  We also read a great deal.  Two books I really appreciate are: Guerrilla Marketing Love the book which truly put a spin on the idea of getting your message out to and interested […]

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Numerical Breakdown of Japanese

As I study Japanese this year. I appreciate what I’m learning and becoming more able to share. What truly interesting to me is the way Japanese is taught to outsiders in comparison to those whom live in the culture in Japan […]

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What I Learned From Tesla About Apps

Tesla is an amazing company. California’s Telsa manufacturing facility is clean new and filled with hope. You get a sense o promise there. All this optimize passion boiled down to effective energy that translated to a useful app. I was […]

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Routine Mobile App Development

Claiming your destiny requires commitment. We must be resolute. One requirement of commitment is to have a regular routine. Spoke with a client whom had lost there purpose. They were living but not on purpose. They did work but had […]

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Part-Time Mobile Development

I attended meetups in Silicon Valley Meetups and learned a tremendous amount.  On one such occasion I was the Ericsson main facility in Silicon Valley. On this occasion, the Meetup focus was lean startups and agile development.  When it comes done to learning Lean, […]

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3 Free Publicity Points For Apps

Reloadable card for the 20 comes to marketing. Azaline start of the towing the struggle to manage the budget versus the value. Wow doesn’t always mean cheap mostly start ups operate with the budget that’s minimum. So here are three […]

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Nobody Cares About Mobile App Development

When you are starting things of right nobody cares. Putting in the work to learn the ins and outs of mobile app development takes time. This development process is a practice that takes time and crafting. But if you skip […]

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Being Organized With Mobile Apps

Being organize is a crucial element of any business. A mentor of mine (Duke Green) whom turned his first 500 into $50,000,000 stated succinctly: Organize Chaos is better than disorganized sense Learning From Wisdom With those in the mobile app […]

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