Monthly Archives: December 2014

Getting Organized For 2015

Thankful to get the opportunity to see a brand new year. Grateful for this day. Looking forward to making the most of what is takes to be organized. 2014 was unique. 2015 will be special in an extraordinary way.

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Apps as Old as Methusala

The beginning of a thing doesn’t always determine its end. Having the faith of a mustard seed can result in a mighty croup. The foundation allows you to build a large organization that can be as old as Methusala. Clearly […]

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Why Have a Partner Build Your Apps

One of my least favorite experience is buying a car.  Mind you, I love cars but just not the process of buying a car.  Often in this case you feel like there are teams.  Your team, and the entire dealership […]

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What I Learned From Teslas App

I love Tesla. I’m not just a fan because Elon Musk is of the cool clean nerds behind Space X and part the paypal mafia. What I learned from my experience withTesla is how they truly embrace the customer. Tesla […]

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For Startups Success: Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

The day after Christmas 2014 had a founders meeting to go over a mobile app development plan. As a pre-meeting conversation I had a moment to speak with my cofounder whom speaks fluent Japanese. I’m growing in my understanding in […]

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Android: Be Together Not The Same

You can not visit Google’s campus without visiting the Android Development center. This location is where android platforms go to be born an to be retired. Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, And Lollipop are all represented there. Here […]

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Yutakana Mobile Apps

This holiday season has taught me a great deal. I learned about loss right at the holiday season. I learned about struggle and helping others in your time of need. I learned what it is to be Yutakana and the […]

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Waku waku suru The Beginning

Thankful for this day and Waku waku suru about the future possibilities. I’m learning to take every moment in stride as I focus on the levels to become great. Hajime makes me look at the start of this business differently. […]

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oyasuminasai #InboundMarketing

My new favorite word is oyasuminasai as I learn about Japan and further strengthen my #InboundMarketing wisdom. oyasuminasai means good night in Japanese. I’ve always had a passion for being by the sea. Being on the east coast we are […]

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Zero to One Real Quick: Innovation

Innovation can be described as something someone does that is unique or original for the first time. Put simply; “Zero to One”.  The Wright brothers taking the first flight.  Bannister running the first four minute mile. Google creating the first […]

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